FRESH CUT PINEAPPLE – 100% fresh pineapple

We are thrilled to introduce BAR NAR’s newest healthy fruit snack – BAR NAR Pineapple,
winning people over with its ripe-yellow color and deliciously nutritious properties

BAR NAR Pineapple

In line with our mission, this fruit is served in its freshest form – ripe, cored and ready to eat. We have selected the finest varieties of pineapple that are grown in its place of origin – the shores of Caribbean Sea.


This delicious fruit will be your top pick, should you wish to rid yourself of excess weight and cellulite. Pineapple accelerates the body’s fat burning process, eliminates excess water, boosts metabolism and is particularly beneficial after physical activity, when the body is susceptible to muscle inflammation.

Its Vitamin C contributes to strengthening the immune system, while its Vitamin B supports the normal functioning of the nervous system, as well as healthier skin, hair and nail appearance. Pineapple is also effective in preventing some of the most common diseases of the modern era: high blood pressure and osteoporosis. This fruit is a true treasure, just as the name of the variety we most often use suggests – “Golden Pineapple”.


  • BAR NAR products are in accordance with all food health and safety regulations (Official Gazette RS 17/2019)
  • Laboratory tests have confirmed levels of heavy metals and pesticides are within microbiologic norms
  • Packaging has been certified according to EN ISO 9001 : 2000 i ELOT 1416-HACCP