FRESH CUT COCONUT – 100% fresh coconut

A long-time favourite ingredient in many desserts, we now bring you coconut in its truest form – as a fresh, tasty, and above all, healthy snack


BAR NAR carefully prepares fresh coconut chunks from the sunny Ivory Coast, preserving all the exceptional properties of this exotic palm tree nut.


Many consider coconut as a multi-purpose superfood because of its abundance of nutritional qualities and healing properties. While its antioxidants help detoxify the body, its healthy fat content speeds up the metabolism and curbs cravings for sweets. This makes coconut a delicious secret weapon for staying slim. As a natural source of energy that enhances physical stamina, it acts fast to hydrate the body and restore electrolytes after exercise. In fact, coconut water is very often used as an “energy drink” by athletes.


  • BAR NAR products are in accordance with all food health and safety regulations (Official Gazette RS 17/2019)
  • Laboratory tests have confirmed levels of heavy metals and pesticides are within microbiologic norms
  • Packaging has been certified according to EN ISO 9001 : 2000 i ELOT 1416-HACCP