BAR NAR MIXED cup – 100% fresh pomegranate and blueberry

BAR NAR also offers a mix of fresh pomegranate and blueberries as a seasonal product.
We are also planning to introduce additional mixed products


As a special seasonal product, BAR NAR has introduced an exceptional fruit combination of blueberry and pomegranate. This unusual combination is a flavourful and visual harmony of purplish red and bluish purple hues. In this interesting mix, the aroma of tart and sweet pomegranate is complemented by the blueberries grown in the heart of Serbia. Bright red pomegranate arils of the Wonderful variety are added to the firm blueberries of the Duke (early bloom) and blueberries of the Bluecrop (mid-season) variety, to piece together two of the top natural antioxidants – pomegranate and blueberry.